Create branded content for Teen Vogue in collaboration with The Case For Her challenging issues around female pleasure and sexual wellness for teens and young adults.

There is a lack of factual information when it comes to female pleasure and sexual wellness. We seem to value trivia over data so we are challenging the way society thinks.

Did You Know is a branded campaign aimed at highlighting statistics around female pleasure and sexual wellness by comparing them to random facts. Content would run across Teen Vogue’s Instagram, Youtube and website.

Links to recommended sources as well as The Case For Her for more information would be avalible at the bottom of each article on their website. A hashtag would be introduced to create an inclusive safe space online where people are encouraged to be curious and share their own facts and experiences. Videos on their Youtube would have celebrities quizzed by sexual health experts on their knowledge. Quizzes related to each video would be available on their website, testing the knowledged picked up from each video.

In future, The Case For Her would host monthly panels in London with potential to expanded to other cities where a guest speaker would be invited to give a lecture with a Q&A panel to follow after. A casual coffee meet up would be held after to encourage people to connect.

The campaign video can be viewed here.

This project was created in collaboration with Nat Gadomska.

Branding - Campaign - Graphic Design - Illustration - Typography - Mock-Ups - Video